Whatcha doin’ boys?

It was just after 5 a.m. and only had one neighborhood to finish. Delivering newspapers is a crazy way to make money but if you had enough customers it was worth the effort. Sundays were the worst with all the ads and extra sections; I just couldn’t be done fast enough. The first street I […]

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Snow job

Living in Ohio all my life I grew comfortable with the changes in weather.  Autumn brought chilly air that turned frigid in November which was predating a cold and snowy winter that lead into the cool and comfortable spring in preparation of a very humid summer. This was the annual cycle of life with the […]

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Is there gonna be a flood?

Growing up with two brothers, I know, I know, I have three brothers, but Monte came along when I was in junior high. I’m talking about me in grade school; a family with 3 kids, boys especially, went through clothing quickly. And I’m not talking about wearing them out, I mean outgrowing them. It’s not […]

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I hate snow

Our home in Attica was built in 1965, I believe. It is a testament to craftsmanship and a dedication to hard work. Mom and dad helped build it to keep costs down and after only a few years they owned it outright – they were both in their thirties – not many people can say […]

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My, how I haven’t changed

In the 80’s dad started an interest in dune buggies. The local Lutheran pastor, Malcolm Brook, was one of the town welders that started building these fantastic beasts and dad, always interested in cars, was along for the ride. One of the other local dads that was in on this was Alva Sutton, the president […]

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Motorcycles and Dune Buggies

The east side of our property was along a roadway that originally ended at Jimmy’s driveway. The property on the other side of that road belonged to Nick and Muriel who lived just to the south of us. Eventually, Nick had a stone road put in that cut through the field then turned left to […]

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The Creek

Our home for the first few years of my life was surrounded by fields of corn, beans and weeds. Once we moved to Attica we were surrounded by homes…and a field. To look at the area today you might think not much has changed; however, in reality not much has changed. From our house if […]

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